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Financial Services for the Medical Industry

At AccountingX we are committed to helping you attain financial success within your medical practice. Our trained staff completely understands the challenges faced by medical professionals within the industry, such as healthcare reform, decreasing reimbursements, and increasing costs. As a result, AccountingX provides you with industry-specific business expertise and delivers the ideas, tools, and resources, you need to maintain a thriving practice.

We specialize in accounting for all types of medical practices—including family practices, plastic surgeons, dentists, specialty practices, and more. AccountingX provides robust and efficient medical industry accounting solutions that allow you to focus on what’s most important—your patients. With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, we are very familiar with your everyday operations, structure, billing routines, and staffing requirements, just to name a few. We provide a breakdown of complex data and insightful feedback, into practical terms to help you make better business decisions. Through proper planning and analysis, together we will pinpoint your exact needs and create a service package that will keep you on track toward a more profitable and thriving practice.

Monitoring cash flow coverage ratio. debt-to-capitaliztion ratio, and operating margin would be key financial ratios to analyze in any medical practice. With the next generation of healthcare and the industry digitizing and transforming care delivery with finance will be vital in the upcoming decade. Always knowing where your numbers are allow you to make better decisions for your patients and your practice. For example, being able to acquire newer technology and upgrading current equipment, making use use of a wider range of different finance techniques providing minimal risk of projects, like pay for outcomes or leasing techniques and these are just a few advantages of using the right accounting firm for your medical practice.

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